Scheduled Classes In Michigan

2-Hott, Leadership Training
Dates coming soon...

June 24/25  2-HOTT Class at Skidway Lake Lodge #440 must register to attend.

July 29  Leadership Class at the Harrison Moose Lodge $20 per attendee. 10am-4pm


MMA State Trainers
LCL, 2-Hott, CLT, Admin, & TIPs Training

  LCL is Lodge, Chapter, Legion computer training
2-Hott is 2 Day Hands On Technical Training
CLT is Certified Leadership Training
TIPs is Training Intervention Procedure’S
Administrator School 3-Day

Who Needs Training?
Administrators - LCL/2-HOTT, CLT, TIPS, Admin School
Beverage Servers -TIPS


Training Coordinator
Bob Funkey

State Volunteers

Cathy Funkey LCL

Mardeen Hess  LCL, Administrator School

Debbie Palmer TIPS & LCL

Larry Deater  CLT & Lodge Basic Operation

Sean Smith  TIPs & LCL

Jim O'Connor  Administrator School & TIPs


Moose Lodge Leadership Trainers (CertLeadershipTrainer)

Bob Funkey Leadership Trainer

Steve Eiseler, South Boardman, 

Edward Dalsasso, Harrison,

Rick Sabraw, Harrison,

Ronald Alvord, Warren,

Michael C. Neuman, Mount Morris,

Al Lewis, Petoskey,

Robert Funkey, Rochester Hills,

Gayle Kinney, Lansing,

Larry Deater, South Haven,