Here is information provided by each lodge, please contact the respected lodge if you have any questions.  To submit your lodges newsletter, please e-mail .  These files should be listed as PDF files.  If you cannot view the files, please download the newest Adobe Reader at

Newsletters of the Michigan Moose Association
State Magazine

2012-2013 1st Quarter  2nd Quarter   3rd Quarter   4th Quarter
2011-2012 1st Quarter  2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter 3rd QuarterB  4th Quarter

These are lodges that email me their newsletter. 
Lodge #50   Grand Rapids/Sparta    February    March      May 
Lodge #158 Port Huron May-June  July-Sept  Nov/Dec    Jan/Feb   May/June
Lodge #169  Bay City   April
Lodge #409  Avon/Rochester   August/Sept    Dec/Jan    Feb/Mar
Lodge #705 Reed City   August
Lodge #763  Wyoming   Newsletter Page
Lodge #809  Lowell Lodge   January   June
Lodge #1035 Mio          April   August   September  February    April    June   August
Lodge #1190  Northville   October/November 
Lodge #1253 Ann Arbor  Nov/Dec    July/Aug
Lodge #1649 Delton September  November
Lodge #1665 Lincoln Park Oct-Dec
Lodge #1670 Hamtramck     April   May  June  August  October   November   January 2016
Lodge #1795  Dearborn Heights     Sept-October   November/December
Lodge #2495 Lewiston   Oct/December Jan/March  April/June  July/Sept
 Lodge #2575 Richmond   July/August     Sept/Oct   Nov/Dec   Jan/Feb   March-Apr

Moose Legion Unit Websites
Legion 107
Legion 108
Legion 177

Lodge Websites of the Michigan Moose Association

Bay City, MI Lodge 169 Chapter 367  MI

Belleville, MI Lodge 934/Chapter 1135 MI

Birch Run, MI Lodge 2426 Chapter 2142  MI

Buchanan, MI Lodge 449 Chapter 450 MI

Cheboygan, MI Lodge 2314 Chapter MI

Dearborn Heights, MI Lodge 1795 Chapter  MI

Fremont, MI Lodge 1555 Chapter 401 MI

Garden City, MI Lodge 538 Chapter 1339 MI

Grand Blanc, MI Lodge 2344 Chapter 1965  MI

Grand Rapids/Sparta Lodge 50  MI

Greenville, MI Lodge 1939 Chapter 1620 MI

Harrison Lodge 2235 MI

Holland, MI Lodge 1116 Chapter 2087 MI

Ionia, MI Lodge 998 Chapter 478 MI

Lansing, MI Lodge 288 Chapter 116 MI

Lapeer, MI Lodge 2433 Chapter 2106 MI

Lewiston Lodge 2495 ; Chapter 2189 MI

Mancelona, MI Lodge 2254 Chapter 2306  MI

Milan, MI Lodge 335 Chapter 1087  MI

Monroe, MI Lodge 884 Chapter 714  MI

Munising, MI Lodge 1386 Chapter 953 MI

Northville, MI Lodge 1190 Chapter 2226 MI

Otsego Lodge 345 Chapter 672 MI

Port Huron, MI Lodge 158 Chapter 99 MI

Reed City Lodge 705 MI

Saginaw, MI Lodge 82 Chapter 420 MI

South Haven, MI Lodge 697 Chapter 868 MI

St Clair Shores Lodge 1837 MI

Sturgis, MI Lodge 574 Chapter 613 MI

Sunrise, MI Lodge 2529 MI

Tawas, MI Lodge 2400 Chapter 2102 MI

Taylor Lodge 887  MI

Wayne, MI Lodge 835 Chapter 2158 MI

Westland, MI Lodge 2143 Chapter 2282 MI

Woodhaven, MI Lodge 966 Chapter 2251 MI

Ypsilanti, MI Lodge 782 Chapter 286  MI