Did you know that you can have your Will done for FREE and help out the Michigan Moose Association and your Lodge by signing up for your Moose Legal Family Plan?

Everyone deserves affordable legal and identity theft protection. Including you. No matter how traumatic or trivial your situation, we are here to help. Unexpected legal and identity theft issues arise every day. With LegalShield on your side, you have the power to access legal and identity theft advice and services when you need them, all for one low monthly fee.

Why would you need a legal plan?
A legal service plan can help with all sorts of planned and unplanned legal issues. As a LegalShield member, you can rest assured that whether you're facing a legal issue that's big, small or somewhere in between, you'll have access to legal advice and services when you need them. Let LegalShield help you worry less and live more.
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Why should you protect your identity?
Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year. Victims of identity theft can face issues such as lost job opportunities, problems with securing a loan or harassment from debt collectors. You can get the experts on your side with an identity theft protection plan. Services include access to your credit report (or consumer credit disclosure), consultations, expert restoration and more. Let LegalShield help you worry less and live more.
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Brief overview of the Moose Family Legal Plan

Brief overview of Michigan Moose Legal and Identity Theft Plan.                                                  Legal Shield For Business Owners

Application that you may print in case you don't want your information on the internet.

LegalShield Application Form

Forms for you to print and start with.  These are some things that you will need to consider to plan your Will and Living Will.

Living Will

Will Questionaire


If you have more questions, please contact our local representatives at 616-813-3642 and we will be happy to help you!