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Protec Engine Flush   -Price for Members Only
Detox 4 Lubrication System suitable for all types of engine oil.  For use in all gas and diesel engines.  When used as directed will help to remove sludge and contaminants in crank case and oil system.  Restores compression by cleaning oil rings.  Cleans and quiets hydraulic valve lifters.  Protects engine with powerful anti-friction lubricants.  Reduces harmful emissions   

1.  Add to old oil, run engine at idle for 10 minutes. 
2. Drain as normal, fit new filter and fill with new oil.

Protec Gas Line Cleaner   -Price for Members only.
Detox 4 Fuel Line Systems for use in all gas engines.   When used as directed will help to remove varnish, contaminants, moisture, and soft carbon deposits from the valves and compression rings.  

Directions for use:
1.  Use every 9,000 miles or 3rd oil change.

2.  Add entire container to gasoline.


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Protec Oil Booster    -Price is for members only.
Rehab 4 Oil System Synthetic Lubrication Booster Provide fuel economy.  Is formulated to boost performance levels of API SHor MIL 465152 lubricants to exceed the specifications of General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mercedes, Toyota, and more.  

Provides fuel economy.  Protect engines during prolonged oil drain periods.  Lubricate all moving parts.  Keep harmful deposits in suspension.  Combat engine acids.  Cut oil consumption.  Suitable for manual gearboxes and differentials.  


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