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A Michigan Singer In Nashville!
Brandon Matthew winner on the MI Moose Association Karaoke contest has competed at the International Convention on 
July 6th in Nashville and placed 6th out of 12.  He is a member of Midland Moose Lodge and District 13. 


Michigan Pilgrim Class 2015, 

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Founder Day at Mooseheart 2015
October 23-25

Thank you to all the members that attended last years visitation to Mooseheart.  We had more members than we have had in several years.  The members of Michigan also donated a record amount of food and money than in years past.  Thanks again for the dedication you give to our children at Mooseheart.  

Registration and Founders Day Program- At the House of God visitors are treated to an address by the Director General and Executive Director of Mooseheart. Varsity Jackets are presented by the Ohio Association to the students that have earned them. Michigan presents a watch to each senior on behalf of the lodges, chapters, legions, and districts that have donated them. If your lodge or chapter would like to sponsor a watch you will be welcome to present it if you wish. 

Michigan Presentation at the Michigan Home- A wish list from the house parents at the Michigan house will go out a few weeks prior to the weekend and lodges and chapters are encouraged to purchase and donate items from the list at this time. The house parents and students ALWAYS put on a spread of goodies for everyone to enjoy at this time and tours of the house are available. 

Box Lunch at the Fieldhouse- All visitors are invited back to the Fieldhouse .......
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Moose Riders! You Can Now Update Your Own Membership Records To Indicate That You Are A Proud Moose Rider!

Simply go to the Moose International website and click on "Members Area". Once inside, click on "My Record" and sign in.  If you have not already activated your membership record, you will have an opportunity to do so at this time.  Select the link to your active Lodge or Chapter membership, and you will see a section on the upper right-hand side
titled "Membership".   At the bottom of this section is a "Moose Rider" identifier box that you can check, and then save the updated record.  Men can identify as Moose Riders in both their Lodge and Moose Legion memberships.

We urge you to register and keep your membership records up to date so
that we can identify areas of interest and make useful and worthwhile
information, benefits, and programs available to all members.
2014 Pilgrim Class Mcihigan

2014 Pilgrim Class Mcihigan

Pilgrim Class 2014

Front row, left to right:
Mark Parish, Caro 1049

Bob Lewandowski, Sanford 2519

Bob Kenworthy, Northville 1190

Marlin Lewis, Bay City 169

Back row, left to right:
Terry Grant, Clare 2268

Don McDonald, Lincoln Park 1665

Dan Casselman, South Haven 697

Robert Bogue, Niles 978

The Michigan Moose Association is made of thousands of Loyal men and women who support the Children at Mooseheart and the Senior Members at Moosehaven, while supporting their local community.

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