Message from your Deputy Grand Regent 2014- 2015

Hello Friends,

Hope you are all well.

I just wanted to introduce myself to you all. My Name is Donna Breen. I have been a Moose member since I was four years old. Yes friends, since four years old. I joined with my parents and soon after I was helping out at Moose functions and was a member/ officer of our youth group when I was in my teen years.

The moose is a big part of my families life and my family is a big part of the Moose. My dad and brother are Pilgrims. My mom, sister and I are collegians. Both my parents and brother are on the state board or have been. My mother was also on the International A/F Board. Like I said we are a big part of each other lives.

At the age of twenty one I joined the Grand Rapid/Sparta Chapter because that is what our family did. Never was I going to be a Senior Regent or even a officer at that matter. That wasn't for me..

After raising our four children and getting them through school & sports I started helping the chapter out for a few years as a chairman. Earning my A/F in 2006. Then was Chaplin, Jr Regent and Senior Regent.. I earned my College of Regent Degree in 2009 and figured that was it for me. Didn't want to do more. Then became recorder for the past three years. Getting my call card for Star Recorder last year but not being able to go to Vegas to get it because my son got married in Texas that same weekend. And look at me now. Deputy Grand Regent of Michigan.

My mom was shocked and excited to hear the announcement in Vegas that I was going to be Michigan's 2014/2015 Deputy Grand Regent. She told my dad and that evening they called to congratulate me. My dad was so proud he starting crying on the phone. As most of you know my dad never made it to see me get installed as he passed away a few days before that. Very sad time for all of us but we knew dad would want me to go get installed.

My husband came up with the idea to start a Case or Cash Food Drive for Michigan in 2009 after my dad retired from taking produce to Mooseheart on Founders Day Weekend. Dad did this for 37 years. This was the same year the central kitchen was closed at Mooseheart. We are now starting our 6th year.

My husband Ken and I have 4 children, 3 children in laws and 3 grand children with number 4 due in Oct.

Two of the biggest reasons you should be a Moose Member are Mooseheart and Moosehaven and if you can please go visit one or both of them. You will be amazed on what your dues does for these people and will never let your dues laps. I have been to Mooseheart many times and Moosehaven once.

If you see me , please stop me to say hi or stop by the Case or Cash booth at conventions. Thank you